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Patterns from Squares, Rectangles and Half Triangle Squares

I love to quilt, but seem to always be in a hurry and thus want cute, pretty blocks I can throw together quickly. All of the patterns on this page can be made with rectangles, squares and half square triangle pieces - all of which a beginner can pick up quickly and easily. The little picture gives an idea of a color combination or a way to make the pattern appear, but like with most blocks, you can achieve many different look. By clicking on the picture, you can get a 6 inch sized line drawing to color and play with! Most are easily scaled - the beauty of simple blocks. For ones with four rows, for instance, using 3.5" wide pieces will make up to a 12.5" (with seam allowance) block, while using 1.75" wide pieces will make up to a 6.5" block.

I drew all of these. Some are classic patterns and probably are well known, many with these and other techniques used to assemble them. Others are not ones I have copied from anywhere, but I haven't done any research to see if something similar exists. Still others are simplified variations on classic patterns. So please use these for your own quilting pleasure only! Please check back occasionally, as I have the best intentions to add patterns to the site.

To get to the printable picture, simply click on either the small block picture or the link. Afterwards, the BACK button should get you back here.

Pinwheel 1 A cute pinwheel block
Hourglass Block with Hourglass in Middle
CatSimple Pieced Cat Block
Churndash Chrundash Block
Shoofly BlockShoofly Block
Large Diamond BlockLarge Diamond Block

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