Geometric Patterns

In order to speed loading times, these geometric patterns have moved to their own page! Below you will find paper piecing patterns for geometrics and for some traditional quilt block patterns. As always, I haven't done any research to see if something similar exists. So please use these for your own quilting pleasure only! Also as usual, I have tried to put up a lot of 6" ones, as I love that size block, and haven't seen too many floating around the Net.

To get to the printable picture, simply click on either the small block picture or the link. Afterwards, the BACK button should get you back here. The umbrella block currently prints but doesn't save as the correct size - sorry. Also - these are all done on a PC. Macs may print them out at 4/3s the size indicated - thus the 6" ones are 8" and the 4" are some odd size. Bear with me and I will get around to making a second set for Mac users someday. For now, Mac users (PC users too), feel free to download and resize them yourself.

6 inch Fence Rail Block

4 inch Fence Rail Block
Logs inside logs
Logs in logs block - 6 inch
Square in Square
6 inch Simple Square in Square Block

4 inch Simple Square in Square
Diamond in Logs
6 inch Diamond in Logs

4 inch Diamond in Logs
Logs Cabin
Log Cabin Block - 6 inch

Log Cabin Block - 4 inch
6 inch Amish Triangle

4 inch Amish Triangle
Geese in Log Cabin
6 inch Geese in the Cabin

4 inch Geese in the Cabin
Shoofly Block
Shoofly Block - 6 inch(3 parts)

Shoofly Block - 4 inch (3 parts)
Half Log Cabin
6 inch Half Log Cabin Block

4 inch Half Log Cabin Block
6 inch Churndash Block (3 pieces)

4 inch Churndash Block (3 pieces)
Flying Geese
6 inch Flying Geese

4 inch Flying Geese
6 inch Fan Pattern

4 inch Fan Pattern

for a twist on this pattern,
put another piece of fabric
across the bottem of the fan blades.
Courthouse Steps
6 inch Courthouse Steps

4 inch Courthouse Steps
6 inch Northwinds Block

2 pieces
Dark and Light
6 inch Dark and Light

2 pieces

Another way to have fun with geometrics is with what I call "Foursomes". Basically, you make 4 identical PP pieces to make one block. Relatively simple blocks go together to make one pattern. Follow the link below to this new kind of geometric fun.

FOURSOMES - now here!

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